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Important Tips for an Interview

Since now you have cleared your written exam, the final phase of the recruitment process is an Interview. Along with your performance at written exam, an interview will be the deciding factor about cracked your interview successfully.

In written exam, your knowledge judged and at the time of an interview, the employer will judge your attitude, communication, personality and problem-solving skills.

Some tips are here about how to prepare for Bank Interviews

  1. Research.

You must go through the bank`s website, click on ‘About Us’ & read about their achievements, management, history, services, etc. It shows the interviewer that you have tried to know about them that means you are interested in the job.

Many banking terms are there such as Reverse repo, SDR, IFSC, RTGS, inflation, etc. that may be a major portion of questions.

  1. Stay Updated

You have to aware about regular updates by Reading newspapers or through several websites that contain Currents Affairs. You should also focus on any latest event of the business sector. These can be asked during the interview.

It is almost not possible to read all the business newspapers for everyone but you should make a habit to go on their websites at least twice a week.

  1. Speak English.

Most bank interviews are held only in English just because to test your communication skills. Because it is not necessary that every person is sitting before you have knowledge about the regional language.So always try to speak in English.

Don’t try to impress by speaking fast – it could be the reason of occurring many mistakes. Conveying your thoughts should be simple by framing simple sentences so that interviewer can judge about how well you are in expressing your thoughts

To improve your communication skill, you should go for an English newspaper, English news channels, magazines, etc.  

  1. Practice.

Feeling nervous to speak at the interview is very common. This nervousness and tension can be a big reason to spoil your chances. So to gain the confidence level, stand before the mirror and try to speak to yourself. You can also conduct interviews with your family members and friends.

  1. Plan

The interview is not only about question and answering. It is also about your behaviour and personality. So make a plan in advance about what dress you will wear, time to leaving your home, reaching the venue and behaving inside the hall